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200 programas

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200 programas

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i am not a fortunate of fame
in the same verse i’m telling you to forfeit the game
i came in the ring like a dog on a chain
and i found out the underbelly is sicker than it seems
and its seems ugly, but it can get worse,
cos’ even the blueprint is a gift and a curse
cos’ once you have the theory of how the thing works
everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first

Planeta Tour

Amantes del arte de viajar


by Risto

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This site is mainly about pictures, from the middle of Norway. Click a picture to read posts.

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Photos from another Kiwi lost in London

Life in the Overberg

A personal experience of living in the Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa. Copyright images: Herman van Bon Photography


Somos una búsqueda, una exploración creativa. Somos poetas, cuentistas, fotógrafos e ilustradores.

Tatalo nature y wildlife photography

by Juan Carlos Rodriguez

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...y mientras tanto

...and meanwhile



Estampas de México.

“Un fotógrafo tiene que ser auténtico y en su obra, debe expresar emociones, provocar reacciones y despertar pasiones.” ~ Javier García-Moreno E.


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